About Us

I created The Bark Hub for the soul purpose that I love dogs and I know many others do too! When I was young, I remember I had a very special bond with my dogs Zeke and Sunny. I had no siblings, so to me they were family - my brothers. I would give them long walks, cuddle with them when I was sad or happy, and had them sleep in my bed every night. My motto is that no family or person is complete without a dog. They are not just pets, they are part of your family!

I want to be part of a community and the dog community is very strong. Let's help change the world together. The Bark Hub will be donating with every purchase to a dog shelter, which helps change the lives of pets everywhere. 

At The Bark Hub our mission is to provide our customers with products you can't always find at your local pet store. We have a large variety of products from funny and fashionable apparel, team sports wear, novelty dog toys, wide selection of dog collars and harnesses, holiday and party outfits and of course, some of the basic dog necessities. 

This is your hub for unique and affordable products for the dog-obsessed. When you shop at The Bark Hub you'll experience easy shopping and fast shipping of quality products from within the United States, exceptional customer service, and no questions asked returns. 

We love spoiling our pets and we know you do too!